Any Patron of Hamilton North Public Library in good standing may reserve a meeting room(s) at the Cicero branch library in person or by phone.  The library proper will not be available for use when the library is closed.  To complete the reservation process the Patron must sign the agreement, post any fees/deposits and check-out the room key. There are two meeting rooms available for use, Rooms A and B.  Patrons may reserve one room or both, depending on availability of the rooms and meeting size. 

Each separate room has a capacity of 25 people;
the entire meeting space at the Cicero branch of the
Hamilton North Public Library has a capacity of 50 people,
per fire code.

No meeting room facilities are available at the Atlanta branch during Library hours.  The basement in Atlanta may be used for meetings in the morning hours only at the discretion of the Atlanta Librarian.

Meeting rooms may be reserved three months in advance only. 

The Library has priority to use the rooms for Library programs.  We reserve the right to cancel scheduled events due to Library programming. 

Religious/Political groups may not use the rooms in lieu of obtaining their own property/space on a continuing basis.  Hamilton North Public Library has the right of refusal. 

Fees and Deposits


Fees are due at the time of room registration.(or a min. of 5 business days prior to the event)

The room must be left in the condition in which it was found.  Large amounts of trash, paper cups, plates, napkins, etc. must be removed from the building, and surfaces cleaned.  A vacuum cleaner is available in the closet for use.  At the end of the scheduled event, the room key must be returned to the circulation desk or placed in the book drop after hours.  Each group/individual assumes the full responsibility for damages incurred during their use of the meeting rooms.  Abuse of the facility or non-adherence to the library’s Standards of Conduct will be sufficient cause to deny further/future use of the meeting rooms. 

Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the building.  The use of candles or any other open flame is also prohibited.

Children must be provided with adult supervision before, after and during programs.  HNPL has the right to inspect and/or observe the use made of its meeting rooms for purposes of enforcement of this policy.

Adopted January 10, 2005
Revised/Approved December, 2008