Code of Conduct Policy

SUBJECT: Code of Conduct

APPROVED BY: Library Board of Trustees

APPROVAL DATE: October 16, 2014

EFFECTIVE DATE: October 16, 2014


The Hamilton North Public Library makes every effort to accommodate and serve with dedication and respect people of every background, opinion, socio-economic status, appearance, and lifestyle. However, we are also fully justified in requiring certain standards of behavior, decency, respect, and decorum from those who use our facilities.

The Code of Conduct is designed to protect the rights of individuals who are in the library or use library materials and/or services, to protect the rights of staff members to conduct library business without interference, and to preserve and protect library materials and facilities.

  1. Food and/or beverages are not allowed in computer areas. Food and beverages are allowed in designated areas. At the discretion of library staff, food and beverages may be allowed in non-computer areas.
  2. Baby carriages, walkers, manual or motorized wheelchairs may be used inside library facilities. Roller skates and roller blades must be removed before entering library facilities but may be carried inside library facilities. Shoes with wheels installed in the heel may be worn inside library facilities but must be used as shoes for walking, not used for rolling along on wheels. Bicycles, scooters, Segways must not be ridden inside library facilities. They must be left outside library facilities. Racks for locking up bicycles and Segways are provided at Cicero and Atlanta Libraries. Motorcycles must not be ridden inside library facilities. They must be left outside library facilities. They may be parked in library parking lots. Motor scooters and mopeds must not be ridden inside library facilities. They must be left outside library facilities. They may be locked at bicycle racks.
  3. Smoking or the use of tobacco products on library property is prohibited.
  4. Individuals may not enter the library without shoes, shirt and pants or skirt, or dress. These items must be worn at all times while in the library.
  5. Gambling of any kind, including games of chance, lotteries, raffles, or the sale of tickets for the same, are prohibited on library property unless sponsored by the library and/or approved by the library director.
  6. Animals are not allowed on library property, except library owned pet fish, leader dogs for the blind, future leader dogs for the blind, dogs for the hearing impaired, other animals used to assist the disabled, or animals involved in library programs. Animals assisting the handicapped must be restrained. Any person claiming an animal, other than the above, is needed for assistance may be asked to produce documentation.
  7. Panhandling, soliciting, selling, or other activities that result in the disruption of library patrons or library operations, as determined by the library staff, are prohibited.
  8. Circulating petitions, conducting interviews or surveys, or similar activities is prohibited in all library facilities, except only in Meeting Rooms specifically designated in each library facility pursuant to the terms, conditions, rules, and regulations governing use of said Meeting Room and so long as said activity does not disrupt library patrons and/or library operations.
  9. Computer workstations and Wireless Internet are to be used only for intended or designated purposes and subject to library policy on computer resources (see "Internet and Computer Use Policy" and "Wireless Internet Access Policy.")
  10. Individuals may not abuse or damage library furniture, equipment, or other property, either deliberately or through misuse.
  11. Washing or drying clothes, bathing, or shaving in any restroom is prohibited.
  12. Individuals who are under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or drug to the extent that their normal faculties are impaired, and/or that they endanger the safety of another person, jeopardize property, or create a disturbance, are not permitted on library property.
  13. Individuals may not disturb the public peace and quiet by loud or aggressive, boisterous, abusive, profane, or harassing language or behavior.
  14. Loitering is not allowed on library property. Individuals who are not using library resources or services, but are merely sleeping or following others through library facilities or grounds are considered to be loitering.
  15. Individuals are not allowed in library offices and other non-public areas, unless accompanied by a library staff member or through prior arrangement by a manager.
  16. Individuals are not allowed to commit any act on library property that is in violation of local ordinance, Indiana Code, and/or United States Code.
  17. Prescribed penalties for policy violations:
    • First offense: Verbal warning.
    • Second offense: The violator will be excluded from library property for the remainder of the day.
    • Third offense: The violator will be excluded from library property for one week.
    • Fourth offense: The violator will be excluded from library property for one month.
    • Fifth offense: The violator will be excluded from library property for one year.
    • Penalty steps may be skipped, as determined appropriate by the library director. Additional violations may lead to the exclusion from library property for an indefinite period of time.
  18. Persons who commit any of the following acts are subject to immediate prosecution and exclusion from library property for one year, or longer at the discretion of the library board, and will be required to make monetary restitution for damage to library property, as determined by the library director:
    • Committing on library property any act that constitutes a violation fo the Indiana Code and/or the United States Code.
    • Engaging in violent or disruptive behavior or engaging in any fight on library property.
    • Committing any assault or battery upon any person on library property.
    • Committing or attempting to commit an act of larceny on or with respect to library property, including the removal or attempted removal of books or other library material from library premises without proper checkout or property owned by another party while on library property.
    • Destroying, damaging, or defacing any library property or property of another party while on library property.
    • Engaging in any indecent or obscene conduct or making any indecent exposure of oneself on library proprty.
    • Possessing (without a medical doctor's prescription), selling, or giving away any controlled substance on library property.
    • Possessing, selling, or giving away any fireworks or explosive device on library property.
    • Illegal possession and/or use of a firearm. (See #20 below.)
    • Except for law enforcement officers, possessing on library property any dangerous weapon, including but not limited to the following items, regardless of any permit for the same: knife, billy club, blackjack, nunchaku, throwing star, martial arts weapons, pellet or BB gun, paintball gun, dart gun, or electrical device designed to disable or incapacitate someone. An individual may possess a chemical spray, such as mace, as long as such device is carried only for personal defense and is not brandished about or displayed in an aggressive or threatening manner.
    • Committing on library property any other act that constitutes a violation of the Indiana Criminal Code or the United States Code.
  19. Additional violations may result in other appropriate penalties or sanctions.
  20. All individuals possessing firearms on library premises must comply with state and federal law and also MUST comply with the following provisions. Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate removal of said person from library premises and may result in confiscation of the firearm and/or prosecution, and may result in penalties as outlined in #7 above.
    • Handgun Possession - Ind. Code 35-47-2-1. No person may possess a handgun on library property or inside any library building ("Library Premises") unless they also possess a valid permit to carry a handgun in the State of Indiana. Any person carrying a handgun on Library Premises must provide proof of license upon request by library personnel.
    • Criminal Recklessness - Ind. Code 35-42-2-2. All firearms carried on Library Premises must be secured in a manner which prevents potential injury or serious bodily harm to any other person or to property.
    • Criminal Recklessness - Ind. Code 35-42-2-2 and Pointing a Firearm-Ind. Code 35-47-4-3. No person may point, brandish, or display a firearm in any manner that is intended to threaten or intimidate any library patron, library staff member, or library service provider.
    • Criminal Recklessness - Ind. Code 35-4-2-2. Persons may not carry a firearm in any manner which violates Indiana's Criminal Recklessness Statute.