The Magic of Tidying Up

Posted by: Ann Hoehn on Monday, July 6, 2015

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Kick back with a cool read and find your household zen this summer. Our housekeeping and homemaking titles can help you make all the difference.

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Real Simple magazine. The organizational answer to Good Housekeeping. Articles cover things like recipes, style, advice, and health and beauty. Stop in and relax with our newest copy or take home a few back issues to study.

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Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House. Cheryl Mendelson's epic work is a "readable explanation for both beginners and experts of all the domestic arts --choosing fabrics, making a good fire int he fireplace...ironing and folding, keeping surfaces free of food pathogens, and everything else that modern people might want to do for themselves in their homes". This book is a personal favorite and I've used it for everything from getting wine out of couches to picking better sheets. It offers fantastic explanations for *why* you should do things certain ways and offers great safety information. Text heavy with few images. 

Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. For those that prefer a more skimming-friendly format, Martha Stewart's handbook offers a beautifully laid out, comprehensive text that features checklists, tips, and lots of images. If you enjoy flipping through Martha Stewart Living magazine, this housekeeping bible may be for you.

The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking. Decorating, dining, and the gratifying pleasures of self-sufficiency on a budget! Although aimed at women just starting out in life, ANYONE who despairs of basic daily tasks and wonders how to add some flair on the cheap should check out Kate Payne's cheeky guide. A quick read with some hot tips!

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At Home with Madame Chic. A charming, witty book full of ideas, playlists, recipes, beauty routines, and advice that turns the everyday into an enjoyable experience. A quick, casual read that, as one reviewer notes "[promotes] the premise of being a "connoisseur of your own life" and taking genuine pleasure in all those routines that you need to do anyway to keep house and care for yourself, instead of cursing that time or wishing it away." Target audience is young women with young families, but at least 75% book is appropriate for all ages and stages of life.